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A Basic (Stylish) Summer Wardrobe

I follow a blog called Small Notebook: “Learn how you can simplify your home, your finances, your family life, and your time.” About a month ago Rachel wrote a blog post entitled, Add Classic Style to the Small Wardrobe. She and her family are spending TWO MONTHS in Italy and she packed light! And all the sudden I decided I want a small wardrobe, all the time.

These are my ideas for a basic (yet stylish) summer wardrobe:

Bottoms – Capris or Shorts {3)

Denim, Khaki & Other Basic Color like Grey, Brown, Black or Navy

Tops/Blouses {4}

Think ruffles, ruching, embroidery . . . anything that would look a bit more dressy than a tee. 

Lightweight Cardigans {2}

Two Colors that Will Coordinate with MOST of Your Wardrobe

Tank Tops {5}

Basic Colors like Black, White, Grey, Brown or Navy plus Some Bold Colors/Prints

Dresses/Skirts {1 of Each}

Basic Color/Print that Will Coordinate with MOST of Your Wardrobe

Shoes {3}

Heeled Sandals, Flat Sandals, Flat Shoes in Basic Colors/Metallics

Handbag {1}

A Color that Will Coordinate with Your Entire Wardrobe  (Metallics/Nudes)


{2} Scarves :: {3} Necklaces

{2} Bracelets :: {2} Earrings :: {1} Ring

What would you add or take away?


May 10, 2011 at 3:39 pm 2 comments

Time To Be A Lady

Ran across a blog and store today, The Pleated Poppy, and fell in love with fashion all over again. (Specifically, this post.)

I sell a gorgeous line of high fashion jewelry, but it’s been several months since I’ve thought about fashion. The first trimester half of pregnancy will do that to you. I’ve been living in my pajamas, lucky if I get a shower by 8pm each day.

But that’s all changed in the last few days. I want to feel like a lady again. So I’ve been perusing the fashion blogs and browsing some of my favorite local discount stores (TJ Maxx and Marshalls).

Here are a few of the fashionable things I’ve run across in the last few days . . .

a vintage inspired boutique with a modern touch - most items are very reasonably priced

I'm particularly fond of this dress.

Love the various layers and textures in this outfit, especially the scarf (which she also sells on her site).

LOVE her hair. I need to try her method.

What I’ve learned in the last few days? You always looked pulled together if you have a good haircut, use layers and textures in outfits, wear accessories (like jewelry, scarves and belts), have a fantastic handbag by your side and a wear a pair of shoes that make it look like you care (yes, that means no running shoes).

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